Nanba Group

Grupo Dines, known for its extensive experience in security and defense, is pleased to announce its collaboration with Nanba Group, a leader in the manufacturing of military uniforms and related accessories. This strategic alliance will enable both companies to expand their product and service offerings, thus enhancing the quality and variety of solutions available to clients in the public security and defense sectors

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Nanba Group's commitment to craftsmanship and innovation will perfectly complement Grupo Dines' mission to provide high-quality tactical equipment and solutions. Together, they will strive to meet the most demanding standards and respond to the needs of a constantly evolving global market

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We invite our clients and partners to visit Nanba Group's website to learn more about the products and services that this new alliance will bring to the market: Nanba Group. Together, we are setting a new standard of excellence in the security and defense industry..

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Nanba Group
Dines Group Corp. April 7, 2024
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